Agri Value-Chain

We offer customised Agri-Focused
financial products for all your
Agri-business services.

Financial products

Choose any of our financial products, whether short or long term working capital loan, term loan or daily draw down facility, we offer you a customized financial product which suits your requirement.

Working Capital Loan

Loan to meet your weekly, monthly or quarterly working capital.

Purchase Finance

Financial services for all your purchase requirement.

Supply Finance

Financial services against supply of products to your customers.

Overdraft Facility

Overdraft facility for your immediate short term requirement.

Warehouse Receipt

Financing against commodity stock.

Agri-Machinery finance

Financial services for purchase of Agri-Machinery.


You are a

If you are an Agri distributor or retailer, we offer Purchase Finance, Supply Finance and Working capital financial services for your and your network of buyers

Distributors / Retailers

If your are a Agri Commodity supplier, aggregator, stockist or trader we offer supply finance, commodity pledge financing services

Commodity Suppliers

If you are a food processor and you purchase Agri commodity on a regular basis and are looking for financing services we are your partner

Food Processors

If you are a seed grower and need financing for growing seeds, procuring seeds from farmers and stocking, connect with us for financing.

Seed Growers

If you are a farmer and are looking to buy farm mechanization products and need financial services, we are here to support


Interest Calculator

Calculate interest on your loan


Payable Amount


Payable Amount

₹ 7423.56
₹ 200000
₹ 22706.89
₹ 222706.89

Flat Interest rate to Reducing Balance rate

Flat Interest 12.0%
Reducing Interest 21.6%
You will pay ₹ 5000 more

Reducing Interest rate to Flat Interest rate

Reducing balance 12%
Flat Interest 8.02%
₹ 7423.56
₹ 200000
₹ 22706.89
You will pay ₹ 5000 Less

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